The following items are available to purchase from the Glowing Fitness Shop:

Glowing Fitness Long-sleeved Tops £28.50. In the following colours: pink (grey logo), grey (orange logo), black (orange logo)

Pilates Mats £12.50, various colours

Pilates Balls £10.00

Pilates Resistance Bands, light, medium or stronger resistance £3.00

£70 offer for first 3 sessions at the Back Pain and injury Rehab. Clinic. (Kent Physiofit).

Gift Cards. To be used for 1:1 sessions or for classes. In denominations of £15, £25, £40, £50.

Payment to be made to VM Cook

Account Number: 56248261

Sort Code: 60.60.08

With an email to, giving details of:

1. Your order

2. The quantity

3. The date of payment

4. Your name

5. Your address

Delivery can be arranged locally. For postage costs please enquire by email before placing your order.