I am very pleased to be offering hypnosis. These Hypnosis sessions are a powerful way to bring about healing. It is a place of really deep relaxation, where healing can be ten times more effective.

You may want to try hypnosis for a variety of reasons, that could include:

  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Past trauma
  • Muscle pain and tension, including around an injury
  • Past Life Regression
  • Higher Self Work


Hypnosis is a great tool that can be used to help both adults and children. Children find hypnosis particularly easy because they spend much time in self-hypnosis naturally, during their daydreams. They also have a beautiful imagination. I am passionate about helping children to manage issues of anxiety, in current times, children have been particularly affected by World events and I want to help them to find a place where they can relax and release tension.

As an injury rehabilitation specialist, I have found hypnosis to be particularly effective in releasing muscle tension, particularly around areas of injury, or structural issues. The deep state of relaxation can offer days of relief from the pain of stressed muscles, without having to resort to medications. I have helped clients with neck pain, shoulder issues, lower and mid back pain.

My hypnosis sessions are usually carried out online via Zoom, this enables you to be in your comfortable environment and will help you to relax more easily. It is important to ensure that your computer equipment is working well, for both sound and vision, for the sessions to work effectively. An Ethernet cable is advisable to ensure a good connection to the internet.

Contact Vicki on 07759833097 or email vicki@glowingfitness.co.uk for further information and prices for sessions.

See my “Areas of Expertise” page for further details of other ways that I can help you.





Today I had my Hypnosis session with Vicki, I have never experienced this before so I was nervous, however Vicki explained in detail, how I would be in control which put my mind at ease. I found the session really helpful and it certainly helped with some everyday issues that I am experiencing at the moment, I would definitely recommend and use Vicki again, I felt so relaxed after the session and still feel like that today!


Just wanted to say thank you for my hypnotherapy session. I feel it has really helped me. I slept like a baby and still no pain. Thank you very much


Thank you so much for yesterday’s hypnotherapy session. For anyone wondering about hypnotherapy, Vicki explained how it works and that no matter how deep we delved into my subconscious, I would be in control the whole time. The session was deeply relaxing, and under Vicki’s guidance, the visualisation felt so real I could feel the grass under my feet, smell the earthy moss and feel the strength of the old tree warm against my back. After the session my head felt lighter, I felt very relaxed and had a wonderful night’s sleep!



Totally recommend this best thing I ever did, really brilliant


I recently had a past life regression with Vicki. She made me feel really comfortable and explained what she was going to do with regards to the hypnosis procedure. At all times I was really relaxed and the revelations were amazing, so clear and they felt real. I was definitely part of what was happening in my two previous lives that I visited, so much so that one element made me cry. I was then taken to my higher self to help me with a couple of questions I wanted an answer to. Vicki then gently brought me back to this current life. At the end of the session she ensured that I was happy with it and we chatted about my experiences. If this hypnosis interests you I can throughly recommend it with Vicki being your guide. I’d love to do it again as I could be someone else in a different scenario.