Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation exercises in Maidstone. I am a Specialist Level 4 qualified Instructor in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation. This means that I can help people before, during and after adjuvant treatment.

There is a lot of evidence to show the benefits of exercise for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Exercise has been shown to have very positive effects on cancer-related fatigue. It can help to improve bone density and strengthen muscles that may have been affected by the cancer treatments. It is also estimated that by exercising regularly the risk of cancer returning may be reduced by 30%!

Here is a Cancer Rehab article from the Independent showing how powerful exercise is in the fight against Cancer, click here

Here is me recently on BBC Radio Kent, talking about my Class. Click here to listen

I teach a regular Breast Cancer class for Breast Cancer Kent, which has been running for four years. I also teach classes for the Heart of Kent Hospice and a class for Cancer patients run by the charity Involve.

In addition, I am able to help people on a 1:1 basis, designing an exercise programme to suit individual needs and stage of treatment. I will take into consideration any side effects of treatment, stomas, lymphoedema, PICC lines.

Sessions can be at my home studio in Loose, or online via Zoom.

For a list of my relevant qualifications, please see my About Me page.

For more information please contact Vicki on 07759833097, or email

Testimonials :-

 I feel the Pilates class helps me to exercise my body in a very gentle way which suits me. It has helped me overcome back problems which I have suffered with for many years. Vicki is always very helpful if we have any problems with backs, knees, arms etc. For me I am enjoying the Zoom meetings and hope they will continue into the future. We are a small friendly group of woman who have all suffered with breast cancer and secondary cancers so we have a real bond and can talk openly about concerns. Vicki is always a shining light is certainly great, we all need a Vicki to brighten our days.


The Pilates class with Vicki has introduced me to gentle stretching and exercise appropriate to my stage post treatment. It also allows me to learn and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the other ladies who have supported me. The group and well – being derived from the exercises cannot be overstated. Vicki is amazing and i always feel so much more positive following her class. Thank you for the opportunity to exercise and recover through the Pilates group.


I attended online Pilates classes with Vicki for around 10 weeks after a mastectomy. This stopped when I went back to work and was unable to attend the session. I would of liked to have continued but I couldn’t make the timings work. Vicki makes you feel very welcome in circumstances where you may lack some confidence, giving you clear instructions and advice if needing to correct positions etc. Vicki has created a friendly group, that provide support for one another whilst doing exercises.


The Pilates classes has been fantastic for me, has helped me gain full movement in my arm where I had my lymph nodes taken out. It’s so lovely to be part of a group where everyone is so supportive and kind.


The class is absolutely something to look forward to each week. Vicki is simply the best instructor we could wish for. Kind, patient and oh so full of advice for any ache or pain. Always explaining what we’re doing and why. I suffered for many years with lower back pain but not now. Being in a class of fellow breast cancer ladies is very supportive as we make our way on the journey and the Zoom classes have been a Godsend during these tough times.


I have been with Vicki’s Pilates group for a number of years now and always look forward to the weekly sessions. My secondary breast cancer has fibrosis the nerves in my right arm and hand. Vicki has helped me to gain much more movement in my arm. She has also helped to alleviate my back pain. I feel good after the sessions and Vicki is so helpful in explaining how the various stretching exercises help he body.