1 to 1 Pilates

1 to 1 Pilates sessions

1 to 1 Pilates sessions available at Physiofit, Loose in Maidstone, these are very useful to help with injuries and individual conditions.

The first session will be 1hr long and consist of medical history and any issues/ injuries you may have.

I will make a whole body assessment as injuries are sometimes caused by issues from different areas of the body, this will happen whilst treating you through exercises.

I will draw up an exercise programme to tailor your individual needs ( these can be taken away so you can do these in the comfort of your own home also)

My sessions can be a one off or ongoing treatment, further timescales sessions are agreed if patient and myself think they are needed.

Further sessions are 45mins long and these are great for improving troubled issues/ injuries.

I am a Level 3 G.P Referral Specialist, Level 4 Exercise for Lower Back Pain, Chair Based Exercise for the Frail Elderly and many more,  for a full list of my qualifications see my ABOUT ME PAGE 

I am experienced in helping a wide range of people from Chair Based and Parkinsons’ through to Marathon Runners, Dancers and a Professional Tennis Player. After seeing me they have noticed a better range of movement and improved sporting performance.

It doesn’t matter who you are everyone gets hurt or injured at some point, i can help those with short term pain or those with ongoing ones.

For more information about who i can help see my AREA OF EXPERTISE PAGE

For more information contact Vicki on 07759 833097 or email vicki@glowingfitness.co.uk 
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Don’t just take my word for it, look at some of my many happy clients testimonials below:-

I have found Vicki extremely knowledgeable and her natural empathy and enthusiasm make her a great musculoskeletal practitioner. She is able to think laterally and give personalised training programmes to a variety of people, including those with pathological medical problems, children, sporting elites and the general public. I have no reservation in asking patients that I have seen to see Vicki, especially those who want to stay away from taking tablets and are motivated to “get back to normal”. I regularly get great feedback from patients.

Dr Mandal (GP Partner, Borough Green Medical Practice)

After about 15 years of suffering with severe back pain and trying so many different treatments I was recommended Vicki by my doctor. She is brilliant, she really understands what is actually wrong with me and she listens. Finally the pain is lessening and I’m getting better, I’m getting my life back. I just wish I’d met her sooner, I would seriously recommend her!

Claire, Platt, 1:1 GP Referred Client

Your sessions are very informative and enjoyable. They are also very reasonably priced, considering how professional you are and how much you know. You have helped my back considerably, I have been able to stop taking my pain medication. I am now exercising regularly with you and if I have a week off I really notice the difference! Thank you for your hard work.

Sue, Loose, 1:1 client

Vicki has designed a personal plan for me, helping me on a 1:1 basis with back pain and a few injuries I still have trouble with from my younger days. She has definitely transformed my confidence and more noticeably my posture.

Julie, Loose, 1:1 client


Chair-based Pilates. A brilliant way of getting back to exercising after an ankle break. Great way to conquer issues such as balance difficulties. Made such a difference to me, with a lovely instructor. Never looked back. Thank you Vicki.

Emma, Loose, 1:1 client and class member