Pilates reviews from some of my many class members and those who do my 1 to 1 sessions:-


I have found Vicki extremely knowledgeable and her natural empathy and enthusiasm make her a great musculoskeletal practitioner. She is able to think laterally and give personalised training programmes to a variety of people, including those with pathological medical problems, children, sporting elites and the general public. I have no reservation in asking patients that I have seen to see Vicki, especially those who want to stay away from taking tablets and are motivated to “get back to normal”. I regularly get great feedback from patients.

Dr Mandal (GP Partner, Borough Green Medical Practice)


After about 15 years of suffering with severe back pain and trying so many different treatments I was recommended Vicki by my doctor. She is brilliant, she really understands what is actually wrong with me and she listens. Finally the pain is lessening and I’m getting better, I’m getting my life back. I just wish I’d met her sooner, I would seriously recommend her!

Claire, Platt, 1:1 GP Referred Client


I had back pain with a numb right foot since starting an office job a few years back. I took the bold step to try Pilates, which as a bloke was not a form of exercise that I had been exposed to and I initially felt that this was a “woman-centric” exercise form. However it has been about 3 years and I haven’t looked back. From barely being able to bend forward with straight legs and touch my ankles, I can now easily plant both palms on the floor. Not only that, I feel that my frame is physically stronger and I am innately aware of poor posture. From chronic pain to pain free and the added awareness of the various muscle groups activating had left me injury proof to train and complete a marathon. Thank you Vicki!!

Sudeb, Maidstone, Pilates class member


Vicki, you have certainly helped me. I had back pain and struggled first thing in the mornings, bending down and getting out of a chair. I feel I am standing straighter now and no back pain in the mornings. I actually played football with my grandchildren at the weekend which was my aim as I am a pensioner. Your lessons are interesting as you explain exactly what we are doing, which muscles we are using and how it will help. Thank you so much.

Wendy, East Farleigh, Pilates class member



Your sessions are very informative and enjoyable. They are also very reasonably priced, considering how professional you are and how much you know. You have helped my back considerably, I have been able to stop taking my pain medication. I am now exercising regularly with you and if I have a week off I really notice the difference! Thank you for your hard work.

Sue, Loose, 1:1 client


I have a twisted spine and suffered with severe pain for a long time. I visited a Chiropractor regularly to ease the pain. Then I was introduced to Vicki’s Pilates, with her gentle and effective sessions I have felt a big difference. Although my spine won’t completely heal itself I am no longer in constant pain and am visiting the Chiropractor less frequently. I go to her classes every week and I love it, as it’s done in a light-hearted mood and is still achieving results.

Mike, Loose, Pilates class member


Chair-based Pilates. A brilliant way of getting back to exercising after an ankle break. Great way to conquer issues such as balance difficulties. Made such a difference to me, with a lovely instructor. Never looked back. Thank you Vicki.

Emma, Loose, 1:1 client and class member


Vicki has designed a personal plan for me, helping me on a 1:1 basis with back pain and a few injuries I still have trouble with from my younger days. She has definitely transformed my confidence and more noticeably my posture.

Julie, Loose, 1:1 client


I have been going to Vicki’s classes for nearly a year now. I absolutely love them. It’s my me time and there would have to be a serious emergency for me to miss a week. I feel better in myself and definitely fitter and stronger.

Louise, Coxheath, Pilates class member


Having been to Vicki’s Pilates class for 4 months now I have found the classes to have been great for my lower back problems and really helped my core for cycling. Vicki is knowledgeable and runs excellent classes, which are fun and informative on muscle groups and the benefits of each exercise.

Matt, East Farleigh, Pilates class member


I started attending Vicki’s classes around 2 years ago and I have found that they have benefitted me in many ways. I no longer suffer with lower back pain, my posture has improved and I have less aches and pains. Also my core strength and suppleness has improved. Vicki is friendly, professional and passionate about teaching the many benefits of Pilates. Vicki’s classes are fun, interactive and suitable for all.

Michelle, Coxheath, Pilates class member