Pelvic Floor Workshop

Pelvic Floor Workshop 

The Pelvic Floor Workshop aim is to help women who are suffering with a variety of conditions that are affecting their pelvic health. This can include bladder, or bowel incontinence, overactive bladder issues, pelvic organ prolapses and issues relating from pregnancy and/or menopause.

It is estimated that at least 50% of women will suffer with pelvic floor issues. Having spoken to lots of women, I believe that the issue is greater than that. Many people suffer in silence, not realising that they can make some simple changes that can help address the problem. Simple exercises that can possibly mean avoiding surgery in the future.

This workshop will look at how the pelvic floor muscles work, using models, diagrams and exercises to help understand these muscles better. It will be a practical workshop, with lots of chances to ask questions. It is suitable for women of all ages.

Many women find that after having children, particularly after a vaginal delivery, that things don’t feel the same. Childbirth is a very traumatic event for your pelvic floor. It is very important that the strength of the pelvic floor muscles are maintained to keep your pelvic organ health.

Menopause can have an impact on your pelvic floor muscles too. A drop in oestrogen levels changes the support structure for the pelvic organs.

Come along and find out how to work your muscles properly. Learn how to maintain your pelvic organ health.

The cost of the workshop is £25,  which is payable in advance to book your space.

Workshop dates:-


  • NEW Workshop Tuesday 18th April at 7pm.
  • Oakwood Scout Hall
  • Fant Lane
  • ME16 8NL



Contact Vicki on 07759 833097 for more information and to book your place or email



Excellent workshop, learnt lots about my pelvic floor, its uses, its problems and how to alleviate them and improve its overall health. Well done Vicki

Janet, Staplehurst.


Lots of information, very clearly presented and fun at same time.

Chris, Maidstone


A really great useful session, The homework sheet was a genius idea, many thanks


What an excellent evening Vicki, so informative and good fun. Well done you.

Janet D, West Farleigh.


Well delivered, easy to understand and done with good humour


This was a fantastic course, really learnt a lot, would recommend. Thanks

Lucy, Loose


I have really enjoyed the session and would highly recommend to friends.


Very Imformative, Thank you.


Very Comprehensive, clear, easy to follow and interesting, Thank you!