Cancer Rehab

Cancer Rehab exercises in Maidstone. I am a Specialist Level 4 qualified Instructor in Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation. This means that I can help people before, during and after adjuvant treatment.

There is a lot of evidence to show the benefits of exercise for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Exercise has been shown to have very positive effects on cancer-related fatigue. It can help to improve bone density and strengthen muscles that may have been affected by the cancer treatments. It is also estimated that by exercising regularly the risk of cancer returning may be reduced by 30%!

Here is a Cancer Rehab article from the Independent showing how powerful exercise is in the fight against Cancer, click here

I teach a regular Breast Cancer class for Breast Cancer Kent, which has been running for four years. I also teach classes for the Heart of Kent Hospice and am in the process of setting up a new class for Cancer patients run by the charity Involve.

In addition, I am able to help people on a 1:1 basis, designing an exercise programme to suit individual needs and stage of treatment. I will take into consideration any side effects of treatment, stomas, lymphoedema, PICC lines.

Sessions can be at my home studio in Loose, or I can arrange home visits.

For a list of my relevant qualifications, please see my About Me page.